Should You Get A Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

A lot of people, women, in particular, fight the everlasting battle against stretch marks throughout their lives. Stretch marks are generally an aesthetic issue for a lot of people. So, they are always seeking a way to cover or conceal the mark completely or partially.

One increasingly popular way of concealing stretch marks is tattoos. At times, stretch marks simply come in the way of certain body areas where people want to get a tattoo in general. Irrespective of the reasoning behind it, tattoos have turned out to be a popular trend for concealing stretch marks, for sure.

Technically speaking, you should get a tattoo over the stretch marks, the same as it is possible to get a tattoo over healed scars. However, not every stretch mark is the same. There are a lot of factors that affect the final decision to get a tattoo over stretch marks. It is essential to evaluate the stretch marks, their location, and whether a tattoo artist can execute the tattoo over such skin conditions.

Key considerations before getting tattooed

The condition of the stretch marks - If the stretch marks have freshly appeared, or are raised, the possibility of getting a tattoo would be minimal. It would be very hard for the tattoo artist to tattoo over such skin. Moreover, it would be even very painful for you to sit through such a tattooing session.

The colour of the stretch marks - If the stretch marks are purple or red, it would be hard to conceal them with a tattoo. Such colour of stretch marks even indicates that they have freshly appeared, so they will even be painful to tattoo, as mentioned above.

The width and length of the stretch marks - If the stretch marks are wider, it is harder to conceal them with a tattoo. The reason for this lies in the inability of the tattoo ink to completely cover or conceal wide stretch marks. In such scenarios, it is better to work around stretch marks instead of covering them. In addition, if the stretch marks are bigger or of a specific shape, it might necessitate more work and design planning to cover them with a tattoo.

Potential, future body changes - If you are planning to gain muscle or start a pregnancy, it might be better to put off stretch marks tattooing. That is because the current stretch marks will change as the body changes, particularly in the stomach, thigh, and buttock areas. It might even be better to lose weight before tattooing the stretch marks. During weight loss, the stretch marks might shrink, so it will be easier to work on them and cover them with a tattoo.

Ensure to consult with a physician and a tattoo artist before you make a final decision on how you are going to cover the stretch marks. Feel free to get in touch with EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio if you are also looking to cover or conceal your stretch marks!

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