Scalp Micro Pigmentation


Millions of people worldwide suffer from hair loss for all kinds of different reasons. Several therapies are available for this issue, the most common of which is scalp micropigmentation. EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio-Permanent Makeup Toronto will tell you about the advantages of scalp micropigmentation and the hair loss treatment procedure results.

What exactly is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that involves depositing pigment into the scalp using tiny microneedles. This therapy gives the impression of fuller, thicker hair by making microscopic hair follicles look like they are there.

What Medical Conditions Can Scalp Micropigmentation Treat?

Hair Loss: Hair loss is frequent, especially as you get older, and many things may contribute to it. For example, you might have pattern baldness, which is a hereditary issue. Alternatively, you may discover that your hair loss is caused by environmental factors such as stress. Regardless, scalp micropigmentation can give you a new, fresh appearance that will make you feel more confident. The experts at EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio-Permanent Makeup put pigment into the epidermal layer of the scalp to make it look like there are tiny hair follicles there.

Thinning Hair: Another problem that may be efficiently addressed with scalp micropigmentation is thinning hair. The professional specialists of EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio-Permanent Makeup can organize the pigment correctly to give you the illusion of a thick, full head of hair using the same procedure but a unique approach.

EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Toronto Scalp Micropigmentation

The Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation 

Apart from being the only hair treatment that is entirely safe and reliable, scalp micro-pigmentation has various other advantages. Here are some of them:


1. Long-term usage

Hair loss therapies and treatments, such as transplants, need follow-up sessions every 4-6 months to maintain the hair follicles in excellent condition. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation may be used for up to three years with minimum maintenance. Restorative pigmentation is only needed if the color on the treated scalp starts to fade.

2. There is no need for further maintenance.

Scalp micropigmentation uses ink to produce the appearance of hair follicle thickness, although it does not include the use of natural hair. There is no need to buy costly hair styling lotions or other hair products.

All that is required for the pigmented region of the scalp is a thorough wash and, if desired, a little amount of hair wax to achieve shine.

3. Safety and security

Many individuals fear hair loss therapy because they are scared of chemicals, surgical treatments, and possible side effects. All that is required for the pigmentation is an electric tattoo needle and a slight anesthetic to avoid infections and alleviate any discomfort caused by the needle. No incisions are needed for the micropigmentation procedure. As a result, no cutting or surgical tools are necessary.

4. Economic

Scalp micropigmentation is affordable since it does not require surgery or surgical equipment. This implies that fewer professionals are required for scalp micropigmentation. It is also far less costly than a hair transplant, which requires post-operative drugs and supplementary immune system and scalp care items. After coloring the scalp, most people don't need to go back unless the color fades too quickly.

5. Minimal infiltration

The procedure of micropigmentation is also referred toas scalp acupuncture. This is because its technique does not harm the skin; instead, it works by smoothly merging the pigmentation with one's skin tone using little needles. High-tech software and tools help make the treatment as quick, pleasant, and painless as possible.

6. Short procedure and recovery time

Scalp micropigmentation has little to no recovery time. Since no surgical procedures are involved, there is no healing period; just a few days are required. The micropigmentation procedure is virtually painless, and it only takes a few sessions to get a well-tattooed head. There are no wounds to heal or sutures to remove in between sessions, only a thorough scalp cleansing. Each session takes a few hours to complete, and benefits maybe seen after the first session.

7. A realistic appearance

When performed by a qualified specialist such as EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio-Permanent Makeup Toronto, scalp pigmentation hair loss therapy offers the appearance of natural hair—providing a near-perfect reproduction of the hair texture, color, and skin tone, generating the effect of precisely trimmed hair. It adds density to thinning regions of the scalp where hair growth is inhibited and receding sections of the hairline. Scalp micropigmentation can also be used to hide flaws on the scalp, like scars left behind after surgery or hair transplants.

8. Appearance of youth

There is a stereotype associated with hair loss and thinning; it is considered that the patient is old or older than they are. This problem may often cause a drop in self-esteem since one feels like people are gazing at their bald areas and assuming they are aging. It looks like every one else, but you have a complete and thick head of hair, which may be problematic. So, micropigmentation gives people with bald spots, alopecia, or a receding hairline more confidence.


EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Toronto Scalp Micropigmentation
EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Toronto | Scalp Micropigmentation


Micropigmentation is not the same as a hair transplant in hair loss therapy. Hair transplants employ hair follicles removed from other body regions and surgically placed on the scalp. Scalp micropigmentation uses microneedles to imitate the color of the hair on the scalp, creating the "appearance" of higher hair volume. There are various advantages to scalp micropigmentation therapy. It is non-invasive, safe, and needs little to no maintenance.

The procedure is completely safe since it is carried out by a qualified, trained specialist in a clean, sanitary area at EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio-Permanent Makeup Toronto.

We chose natural pigments to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions, and no chemicals or pharmaceuticals are involved.

Compared to other hair loss therapies, a scalp tattoo is one of the safest and most straightforward options. If you are unsure if scalp tattooing suits you, or if you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch with EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio-Permanent Makeup Toronto. We will guide you and give you the best solutions to your problems.

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