All You Need To Know About White Stretch Marks

Without any doubt, feeling beautiful and having perfect skin make every person happy. If you also feel the same, then white stretch marks are not supposed to stand in your way. If you would like to get rid of white stretch marks, there are quite a few options for skin treatment available. However, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding skin treatment alternatives. Conclusively, there are just a few effective techniques for lessening stretch marks.

White Stretch Marks

In general, stretch marks are tears on the surface of the skin. These are because of pregnancy, quick growth of muscles, growth spouts during teenage years, weight loss, or weight gain. They usually appear in the:

  1. Thighs
  2. Buttocks
  3. Hips
  4. Lower back
  5. Abdominal area
  6. Upper arms, and
  7. Breasts

New stretch marks are purple or red marks that progressively turn out to be silver or white with time. The colour variances between red and white stretch marks differentiate how old they are. Stretch marks that are new have a red tinge. The existence of blood vessels under the skin is the reason why they are usually red in colour. The experts do not advise treating them in the early stage for the reason that it can cause more harm than good.

On the other hand, stretch marks that are older are usually less receptive to treatment. Skin ageing and other factors contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels, making it complex for the body to stimulate the production of collagen.

Potentially, white stretch marks can be treated but the outcomes are usually not as noteworthy in contrast to the ones that are red in colour. That being said, there are several different alternatives available that can help stretch marks fade more naturally and quickly.

Camouflage Tattoo

A camouflage tattoo is one of the promising options to get rid of white stretch marks and concealing scars. This technique encompasses using a custom permanent ink pigment to go with the normal skin tone. A highly skilled and well-trained technician will insert ink pigments into the skin, thus concealing the unattractive white stretch marks in the process.

The most exciting thing regarding the stretch mark camouflage tattoo is that it can help conceal stretch marks by making use of tattoo ink that goes with the skin tone.

Cosmetic Surgery

If other treatments fail, you can always count on cosmetic surgery. The key problem with this treatment option is, this might also, by itself, cause a scar, or worse, a keloid if you are a keloid former.

Laser Treatment

One of the most popular options for skin treatment is laser therapy. The procedure includes making use of lasers from a wand-like device to infiltrate the skin, thus triggering skin regeneration. This technique works by activating pigment cells by stimulating melanin production in the affected spot. Quite a few sessions of laser therapy are recommended to get the most promising results.

Micro Needling

The procedure of micro needling targets the middle layer of the skin or the dermis where the stretch marks grow. This technique works to trigger collagen production by poking tiny needles into the skin. It helps to promote skin regeneration, which will lessen stretch marks and thus improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Always keep in mind that you will have to wait for four to six weeks to begin noticing the noteworthy results, and will continue to improve after quite a few months. For the most promising results, more than one treatment will be carried out for quite a few months.


Microdermabrasion is a technique that helps to lessen the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. This is a painless procedure that targets the surface of the skin or the epidermis layer. This technique stimulates the skin by tightening elastin fibres and collagen. In this procedure, the technician makes use of a special-tipped wand to spray tiny exfoliating crystals into the affected spot. And then, the crystals, in conjunction with the dead skin from the epidermis layer, are carefully eliminated using a wand-like device.

In order to treat the stretch marks effectively, you will need to take part in quite a few sessions over a period of time.


For the reason that regular exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin cells from the body, it even gets rid of new skin from the white stretch marks. You can get superior outcomes if you apply exfoliation in conjunction with other treatment techniques since taking away dead skin alone will not lead to a quick perceptible effect.

Even though these are some of the treatment options that you can get to get rid of white stretch marks, however, a camouflage tattoo is one of the most promising treatments that you can always count on. This is due to a wide range of reasons.

Contact a reliable studio to help get rid of white stretch marks

A stretch mark, especially a white stretch mark, is a very common skin issue. It is an older skin scar that is quite complex to treat. At the same time as there are several skin treatments available, they do not completely get rid of stretch marks at all. The most promising option is to conceal the white stretch marks with a camouflage tattoo.

To find out if you are a good candidate for a white stretch mark camouflage tattoo, do not miss to book a consultation session with the specialists at EAV Cosmetic Tattoo Studio today!

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