All You Need To Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

Do you have a scar on your scalp from surgery or injury? Have you gonethrough cancer treatment that resulted in hair loss? Do you feel self-consciousabout the way your scalp or hair looks?

Have you wondered, "what is scalp micropigmentation?" thesedays, you have choices to change the appearance of your scalp. An optionentails light-layer scalp micropigmentation in Vaughan.

It is time to explore treatment options if you aren't happy withhow your head looks. Keep on reading to become conversant with scalpmicropigmentation. This could be the answer you have been looking for.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

The cosmetic scalp micro pigmentation procedure can help men and womenof all ages. The result is a fuller-looking head of hair or a hidden scar. Thiswill help you feel confident and more like yourself. Placing cosmeticpigmentation on the scalp creates a 3D effect. This cuts the appearance of baldareas, thin hair, and scars.

Is micro pigmentation right for you?

A lot of people who go through cancer treatment experience hair loss.This is a common side-effect of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiationtherapy, and bone marrow transplant. While working to kill the cancer cells,the hair cells are also damaged. This hair loss takes place all over the body.The medical term alopecia means hair loss.

The hair grows again for the majority of people once the treatment ends.Yet, it may be thinner or leave bald patches. If your treatment requiressurgery to the head or brain, you will have a permanent scar. The good news isthat there are treatment options for many of these problems. Scalp micropigmentationor scalp medical tattoos can improve these side effects.

By colour matching your hair follicles, the artist cuts the prominenceof scars. These small “hair follicle” deposits cause the scar to blend in withthe rest of your scalp.

Preparing for the procedure

Your artist or practitioner will give you instructions to follow beforethe treatment. In general, you may pluck or shave your hair within 48 hours ofhaving the treatment. Some procedures do not necessitate any plucking or shaving.

It is essential to eat a meal before the procedure begins. You may evenbring drinks and snacks. If you feel nervous, ask about listening to music orwatching a movie to distract you.

Process of scalp micropigmentation

This treatment entails putting microdot tattoos on the outer layer ofthe skin. This stippling pattern affects the hair follicles. It looks like youhave cut your hair close to the scalp. Similar techniques introduce coloursinto scars letting them merge with your scalp. The artist selects colours that closelymatch your natural skin tone.

These procedures entail a high level of detail. Based on the extent ofthe micropigmentation needed, it can take four to five hours. Often,individuals choose to have this completed over two to three sessions.

Now let us discuss each step of the scalp micropigmentation process.

Ø TheArtist Consultation - You mayconsult the artist in person. This is often the best choice so they can look atyour scalp and give you recommendations. You may have this consult over thephone or by video chat.

Ø TreatmentPlanning - During theconsultation, the client and artists, work together on planning the desiredeffect. You will discuss pigment colour, placement of the hairline, and otherdetails. It is essential to ask questions and make sure you understand theplan.

Ø FirstTreatment - The purpose of the1st session is to create the base for your new look. A tiny needleplaces the colour in the outer skin layer. This makes microdots of colourintended to look like hair follicles.

Ø AdditionalSessions - More microdots areplaced during the 2nd and future sessions. The procedure completiontime depends on when you have your desired outcome.

Does this treatment hurt?

A lot of people worry about the pain involved with scalp micropigmentation.Since just the outer layer is treated, this is less painful than a traditionaltattoo. Each person experiences pain differently. Therefore, it is essential totell the artist if you are not feeling comfortable.

Expectations after treatment

The majority of people have little to no problems following treatment.However, some redness and slight swelling can take place. This should go awaywithin a couple of days.

If the area becomes more swollen, red, and painful, this could be a signof infection. Infections can even cause you to have a fever. Call your artistor practitioner immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

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