All You Need To Know About Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a highly secure, semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattoo. It fills in sparse eyebrows in a natural-looking way, creating the illusion of more hairs on the brow. The process is a meticulous one. It is performed with a hand tool that looks like an Exacto knife. The hand tool has a multi-needle blade that makes tiny and shapely hair-like scrapes as it inserts pigment into the outermost layer of the skin. This process is called micropigmentation.

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo, which usually last less than permanent makeup. Based on the person, the results last between one to three years. You should know that this is a technique exclusive to eyebrows. However, it is possible to get micropigmentation or permanent makeup on the eyeliners or your lips.

Microblading and other forms of cosmetic tattoos are meant to look natural. It subtly enhances your features. A properly done job will look so natural, not even your friends will be able to tell.

Reasons to get eyebrow microblading

There are reasons why you would want to get microblading on the eyebrows. But whatsoever the reason, it almost always boils down to enhancing facial features. Someone might mull over microblading if they do not have a lot of hair on their eyebrows, whether as a result of incessant plucking or waxing, or due to health conditions such as alopecia or cancer, which usually cause hair loss.

Eyebrows are of immense importance to your face, and keeping well shaped makes you look fresh, neat and beautiful.

The Procedure

The standard microblading procedure is normally booked in advance once you have chosen an esthetician you trust. Please do not rush in selecting an esthetician, because the success of the procedure depends greatly on who does it. Once you sit down with the esthetician, there is usually a consultation before you get to microblading. This is the moment to voice your concerns and questions. The esthetician will answer patiently and show you what style, arches, and colours work wonders for your particular type of face. One might use an eyebrow pencil and use some rulers or other tools to make sure the symmetry of the design.

The esthetician should place numbing ointment on the brow area a few minutes before starting to microblade. Never allow any person to inject local anesthesia since this isn’t standard procedure for cosmetic tattoos. Topical ointments work just as well in making sure the process is carried out with minimal discomfort and are much less invasive.

When both of you are comfortable, the process of microblading will start. The very meticulous process typically lasts anywhere around two hours. You do not want to rush a work of art. Especially one that will stay on the face for up to three years.

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I want the perfect brows!
Getting perfect brows really depends on the dimensions of your face - and knowing how to shape eyebrows based.
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Can you tint my eyebrows?
Eyebrow tinting or coloring helps get a natural and flawless look to your eyebrows. Result that will last for weeks.
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Let me get thicker eyebrows.
Eyebrow microblading is the art of creating fuller thicker eyebrows through the use if a manual tattooing technique.
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